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status: 2001 | online
ART OF THE CAKE |Ursula Argyropoulos
: Boston, MA :
Pastry-chef, Newbury College instructor

Client Comments:

"The creativity and sensitivity that Ramona Borthwick revealed in putting my website together is evident from the minute you enter my Home Page, and from there the site grows and grows in depth and complexity. She has captured the essence of my business and has translated it beautifully into the design of my website. The concept is bold and daring and not only reflects but also accentuates the vision I try to attain in my own work.

I can imagine that the only acceptable goal for Ramona is perfection - artistic, as well as technical!!! My clients are impressed, my competition is amazed and Iím absolutely delighted.

Kudos! Kudos! for this incredibly creative work of art.

How lucky for me to have found Ramona."