Leitmotif is an independent jazz record label & publishing company, representing original, improvised music by Boston-based pianist/composer Ramona Borthwick and guitarist Noel Borthwick, providing these artists a creative platform to produce and distribute their music.  Current releases include:

'A New Leaf', Ramona's 2006 debut release, featured a palette of several of her compositions which received glowing reviews from critics and an international press. JazzImprov Magazine says of 'A New Leaf': "a musical journey of such extreme depth", while JazzReview commented "Borthwick displays an amazing talent for composition... her fellow musicians bring the music to a level that is rarely shown on a debut release." Billboard Magazine wrote: "Ramona Borthwick has made a major statement with this superb initial release."

'One Of Us', Ramona's latest project, released in November 2009 and her second CD release as a leader, showcases her evolution as an artist and composer. "One Of Us" is a celebration of planet Earth, reflecting on the urgency for us to act as protectors of its bounties. The ten original compositions written specifically for this project, feature Ramona's distinctive writing, playing and vocal styling, as well as great performances from trumpet/flugelhorn player Ingrid Jensen, guitarist Noel Borthwick, bassist Johannes Weidenmueller and drummer Adam Cruz. Even more so than the her previous release, Ramona's compositions are a highlight, yielding deeply harmonic music that stimulates vibrant and spirited playing from the quintet. Recorded, mixed and mastered in audiophile format at 24 bit/96 KHz resolution, this production exhibits pristine HD audio quality, capturing every nuance in the performances.
"Borthwick, who authored all the pieces in this self- produced and self-released CD, walks both sides of the street, playing excellent, if not quite distinctive, straightahead piano throughout, while adding her shimmering, wordless soprano lines to selected ensembles along the way. She does this sparingly, sometimes subtlety, and frequently hauntingly, never scatting or soloing but instead embedding and camouflaging herself deep into meticulously orchestrated unison lines in which her voice seems to float on piano, guitar and horn... For a work intended to be personal and perhaps introspective, the music is unusually alive, frisky and free from brooding pensiveness."
JOHN McDONOUGH, HotBox Review - Downbeat Magazine, May 2010 [full review]
"Borthwick has a lyrical, uncluttered approach to the piano and her undoubted virtuosity never overshadows the melodicism inherent in her compositions, which makes for very attractive solos—fluid and graceful, and her employment of keyboards on a couple of tracks providing a different texture which is no less appealing. As impressive a pianist as Borthwick is, it is the strength and depth of the compositions which provides the lasting impression on this recording... One Of Us is a delightful reminder from Ramona Borthwick and her quintet that jazz this good never goes out of style."
IAN PATTERSON, AAJ [full review]
"I like the warm spiritual vibe, especially Borthwick's wordless vocals, a la Flora Purim."
PAUL de BARROS, HotBox Review - Downbeat Magazine, May 2010
"I strongly recommend to my fellow programmers that they check out the new disc from Ramona Borthwick 'One of Us'. I just added her to my Heavy Rotation. Her new disc was a real find for me, one of those 'surprises' that I didn't expect when I put it on in my car. Ramona is a keyboardist (piano, Rhodes, etc.) and composer. Her new disc is features her own contemporary, while progressive and substantive, compositions. The playing on here is stellar by all the band (Ramona has some chops!), notably Ingrid Jensen on trumpet. Ramona was born and raised in India, and I rather suspect that her upbringing there has had a big influence on her compositional style."
Dr. BRADLEY STONE, Music Director KSJS, 5-time winner of "Jazz Programmer of the Year" at JazzWeek and Gavin; 2008 winner of the Duke DuBois Humanitarian Award.
"The wonderful music of 'One of Us' dwells on the interconnection of all things ... Ramona Borthwick proves that there is some depth among younger composers. Her bright work is agape at the immensity of all things. It appears that she looks at the world with childlike wonder, but is also privy to the true and deep nature of what she sees..."
RAUL d'GAMA ROSE, Editor, AAJ [full review]
"'One of Us' is a formidable achievement, with beautiful and memorable playing by the entire quintet. The recording radiates top-flight professionalism in every respect, with imaginative, rhythmically buoyant originals throughout as well as wonderfully assured, distinguished ensemble and solo playing by each performer. Noel, Ramona and Ingrid set the tone immediately in "Who's Your Mama" with smoking, fluent solos evoking real energy and elan. The rhythm section is fabulous: tight, swinging and polished on every tune. The production values and recorded sound are outstanding and distinctive, too. Brava and kudos for this remarkable and impressive accomplishment!"
JACK GALLAGHER, Composer, producer of 2007 Grammy-award winning recording of Messiaen's Oiseaux exotiques, Olive Williams Kettering Professor of Music, The College of Wooster
"Pianist-vocalist Ramona Borthwick has created a most engaging program of original quintet music. Her compositions are complex and filled with surprises, and the performances, layered in rich textures and colors, are distinguished by the unique blending of her voice and Ingrid Jensen's trumpet.
BOB BERNOTAS, Host, Just Jazz in 'New & Recommended CD's for Feb 2010'.
"'One Of Us' is an album that you can listen to many times, always getting new and rewarding things from. I really hope that this effort becomes a must listen to, for jazz lovers around the world, such as myself, a pianist and composer from México City... My most sincere congratulations to Ramona and her team for making such a great album that I am sure, will endure the passing of time and become a collector's item in the jazz music world."
EUGENIO TOUSSAINT, Pianist, composer & Grammy nominee [full review]
"'A New Leaf' is at turns melodious, swinging, emotional and cool... Brimming with energy and good vibes, the compositions are first rate. Shape shifting and extremely warm, 'A New Leaf' is a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end, and marks a terrific and important debut album from a fine composer and player. Most certainly, Ramona Borthwick is someone to watch."
BUDD KOPPMAN, All About Jazz [full review]
"On this new CD, Ramona Borthwick's first, she displays a wonderful talent for composition and imagination in the various settings she chose for the pieces. Her playing is also creative and energetic. If this is her first installment, we can eagerly keep track of Ramona's coming chapters. Something nice is developing here."
KENNY WERNER, Composer, pianist, author
"Borthwick enters the jazz arena with a debut album that well crosses the developmental curve of compositional design. Providing extended chord structures through intelligent tempo and meter changes, Ramona spins original and creative melody lines that keep me engaged from the beginning to the end. She can play piano with emotion then revert to fire... The use of the voice as instrument on several tracks reveals pure genius. 'A New Leaf' provides a profile of the many styles in Ramona's repertoire, which seems to be without limit. The more I listen... the more I find in this treasure. This album which stands as one of the most significant releases of 2006... and to think... it's only the beginning!"
drmike, MICHAEL MATHENY, Host, radioioJAZZ
['A New Leaf' was the stations Hot Pick for the week of May 28, 2006]
"Ramona Borthwick has made a major statement with this superb initial release."
BILLBOARD.com [full review]
Ramona Borthwick brings us a set of new music which pushes the boundaries both harmonically and rhythmically. The result is a fresh and creative disc that is not for the faint of heart. This is a great recording and I hope many get a chance to hear it and buy it!
JazzRadio247.com [full review]
"Borthwick displays an amazing talent for composition. Her fellow musicians bring the music to a level that is rarely shown on a debut release."
JAZZREVIEW.com [full review]

ONE OF US | 2009 Leitmotif

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Ramona Borthwick (piano, keyboard, voice)
Ingrid Jensen (trumpet)
Noel Borthwick (guitar)
Johannes Weidenmueller (bass)
Adam Cruz (drums)

All compositions by Ramona Borthwick © Leitmotif (ASCAP)
Produced by Noel Borthwick
Recorded by Paul Wicliffe, Charlestown Road Studios, NJ, April 27 & 28, 2008
Mixing & Additional recording by Noel Borthwick & Daniel Abreu
Mastered by Oscar Zambrano, Zampol Productions, NYC
Art & Graphic design by Ramona Borthwick, Leitmotif
Photography by Glenn Kulbako
Total playing time: 70:13 minutes
P & © 2009 Leitmotif. All Rights Reserved.

A NEW LEAF | 2006 Leitmotif

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Ramona Borthwick (piano, voice)
Phil Grenadier (trumpet)
Noel Borthwick (guitar)
Fernando Huergo (bass)
Ziv Ravitz (drums)
Esperanza Spalding (voice on 2 & 9)

All compositions by Ramona Borthwick, except Two’s Complement co-written with Noel Borthwick, and Dark Secrets of Three Blind Mice by Noel Borthwick.
Total playing time: 69:11 minutes
Produced by Ramona & Noel Borthwick
Recorded on 16 & 17 May, 2005
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Contrimas, PBS Studios, Westwood, MA
Art/Graphic design by Leitmotif
All compositions © Leitmotif (ASCAP)
P &© 2006 Leitmotif. All Rights Reserved.