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Client Comments:

"As a fledgling solo artist, I debated the cost-effectiveness of hiring someone to design and administer my site. Leitmotif put me at ease from the start — and, even though I am merely at the beginning of this phase of my musical life, they made me feel every bit as worthy of their time and attention as Leitmotif’s well-established and commercially successful clientele. If anything, I got the impression that they were excited about helping me realize my dreams. I recall Ramona saying, “Let your site grow with you. . .”

In retrospect, particularly after countless compliments from visitors on the beauty of its design, ease of navigation, and professionalism, I consider it to be one of the smartest decisions I have made in the course of managing my musical career.

In terms of design, without any specific guidance from me, Ramona intuitively grasped and incorporated subtle nuances that shape my work, such as the notion that Maharashtrian culture has been more influential in my life than my general Indian heritage, and that, despite this strong cultural thread, elements of the Western world predominate. Furthermore, Leitmotif accommodated me every step along the way—from registering the domain to understanding the importance I place on content to helping me determine the best way for me to make use of the server and mailing list software. With respect to ongoing administration, edits are completed in a timely manner.

The site, since its launch in 2001, has proven to be a tremendous marketing tool and time saver. My website has played no small role in the complete transformation of my life over the last year into one in which music is central."